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    Posted 11-15-2021 22:14
    Hi all, I have started from the end of the list and have looked, whether the issues are complete in regard to proposal and resolution. Because JIRA had not the ability of attachments, sometimes the proposals are attached to a mail. Such attachments should be copied to issue. In most cases the 'Resolution' section is empty. It should have at least a comment like 'resolve as proposed in ...' Sometimes a proposal is missing. The list of issues, which I have looked at, is below. Is this a task for editors or for all TC members? Kind regards, Regina OFFICE-1909 Add svg:rx and svg:ry to draw:caption and draw:text-box The 'Resolution' section is empty. Changes for the schema are missing. Changes to the text are missing. ToDO: Add schema-diff to 'Resolution'. Add text changes to 'Resolution' OFFICE-2390 remove meta:date-string element The 'Resolution' section is empty. Element is now in section 14.3 <meta:date-string> ToDo: Add comment to 'Resolution' section. Add schema-diff to 'Resolution' section. OFFICE-2949 10.3.12 <draw:measure> "has arrows at its endpoints"? Both 'Resolution' and 'Proposal' sections are empty. The following mail is related https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/office/email/archives/201808/msg00034.html It has an attachment with the changed text. ToDo: Add mail attachment to OFFICE-2949 and add comment to 'Resolution' section. OFFICE-3005 20.172 draw:wrap-influence-on-position - hint? 'Resolution' section is empty. ToDo: Add comment to 'Resolution' section. OFFICE-3022 14.1 <office:annotation> currently not usable with <draw:page> 'Resolution' section is empty, but 'Proposal' contains the needed schema-diff. ToDo: Add comment in 'Resolution' section. OFFICE-3685 Public Comment: CS01 16.40.8<draw:marker> - "The attribute value true" 'Resolution' section is empty. The proposal is in a mail attachment. ToDo: Copy attachment from mail to issue. Add comment to 'Resolution' section. Office-3710 draw:enhanced-path current point definition unclear. ToDo: Update comment in 'Resolution' section. It has still ODF 1.3. Office-3741 Remove deprecated table:cell-range-address attribute within the <chart:plot-area> element 'Resolution' section is empty. ToDo: Add schema-diff to 'Resolution' section. OFFICE-3751 20.177 fo:break-after / 20.178 fo:break-before 'Resolution' section is empty. ToDo: Add comment to 'Resolution' section. OFFICE-3759 Inability to recognize errors Looks complete to me. OFFICE-3761 Allow table:table as child element for shapes 'Resolution' section is empty. ToDo: Add comment to 'Resolution' section. OFFICE-3816 ODF 1.1 Explanation of "$" Parameter Modifier in SVG Command Strings It is not clear, which text in ODF 1.3 has to be replaced with which text. It is an editorial error, but as we want to reference the JIRA issues in the list of changes, it would be good, when the issue contains old and new wording. In case of 'draw:enhanced-path' the replacement is not straight forward because of the surrounding different structure. ToDo: Add old and new wording in the 'Resolution' section.