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ODF 1.2 PAS Submission - Thoughts

  • 1.  ODF 1.2 PAS Submission - Thoughts

    Posted 12-15-2012 02:12
    I was thinking about the PAS Submission conversation long after Monday's call, and I thought it might be useful to record one aspect I overlooked. Here are my thoughts: The ODF 1.2 PAS Submission should be with maintenance being under the current memorandum of understanding. Here is my rationale: 1. The MoU is already in place and relying on it does not divert attention from the PAS Submission itself to a re-opened examination of the working relationship between OASIS and ISO/IEC JTC1. 2. The MoU arrange is working and will work better in the future. That is, all defect reports come to OASIS and the responses and Corrigenda for synchronization of OASIS Standard and the International Standard work using the existing arrangement with SC34 WG6. Something as demanding as the ODF 1.1 alignment is not to be expected when maintenance is on a common document base. 3. The technical expertise with regard to the specification is at the OASIS ODF TC. There is an in-place maintenance and errata/defect resolution structure. 4. Perhaps most important of all: The ODF TC activities are completely transparent and visible. Submissions from anyone, including members of the public, are possible via the comment mailing list. All of the list discussions, proposals, working documents, issue reports, and ballot results are public. In addition, the access of implementers and other experts to the ODF TC is direct; participation of individuals is welcome. This is a valuable consideration with respect to the continued engagement of open-source projects, a significant source of ODF implementations and feature proposals. - Dennis