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[PATCH] editorial: switch to upstream latexdiff

  • 1.  [PATCH] editorial: switch to upstream latexdiff

    Posted 04-20-2022 19:50
    With latest latexdiff, we can finally show changed lines within listings. Worth the switch to the lastest master. As a bonus, we no longer need to maintain a pile of perl hacks and complex command line as it seems to generally be smarter. Add it as a submodule so we can track which version we use. Notes: 1. DIFCODE_UNDERLINE file helps override colors within listings (default is blue for addition, we use green to avoid confusion with links elsewhere so I kept this consistent for listings). It does not seem to be documented, something to watch out for if/when we update latexdiff, and maybe work with the latexdiff maintainer to document. 2. I am not sure we still need the 's/\footnote{/\footnote {/' hack. Kept it around just in case. If yes it might be worth discussing with the latexdiff maintainer to address this as part of latexdiff. 3. Invoke latexdiff as latexdiff-fast which in the past made it go faster by using the unix diff utility. I'm not sure it's still the case but it does not seem to hurt either. Signed-off-by: Michael S. Tsirkin <mst@redhat.com> --- .gitmodules 3 +++ DIFCODE_UNDERLINE 4 ++++ diffpreamble.tex 4 ++++ fixupdiff.pl 4 ++++ latexdiff 1 + makediff.sh 10 ++++++---- 6 files changed, 22 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-) create mode 100644 .gitmodules create mode 100644 DIFCODE_UNDERLINE create mode 160000 latexdiff diff --git a/.gitmodules b/.gitmodules new file mode 100644 index 0000000..d92c470 --- /dev/null +++ b/.gitmodules @@ -0,0 +1,3 @@ +[submodule "latexdiff"] + path = latexdiff + url = https://github.com/ftilmann/latexdiff.git diff --git a/DIFCODE_UNDERLINE b/DIFCODE_UNDERLINE new file mode 100644 index 0000000..c74d1cb --- /dev/null +++ b/DIFCODE_UNDERLINE @@ -0,0 +1,4 @@ +%DIF DIFCODE_UNDERLINE + moredelim=[il][color{red}sout]{\%DIF < }, + moredelim=[il][color{neongreen}uwave]{\%DIF > } +%DIF END DIFCODE_UNDERLINE diff --git a/diffpreamble.tex b/diffpreamble.tex index e163af5..9c105bf 100644 --- a/diffpreamble.tex +++ b/diffpreamble.tex @@ -3,6 +3,7 @@ %DIF FONTSTRIKE PREAMBLE RequirePackage[normalem]{ulem} definecolor{darkgreen}{RGB}{00,153,00} +definecolor{neongreen}{RGB}{0,128,60} providecommand{DIFadd}[1]{protect extcolor{darkgreen}{sf #1}} providecommand{DIFdel}[1]{protect extcolor{red}{footnotesize sout{#1}}} @@ -33,4 +34,7 @@ } %DIF END FLOATSAFE PREAMBLE +providecommand{DIFmodbegin}{} +providecommand{DIFmodend}{} + %% diffpreable.tex end diff --git a/fixupdiff.pl b/fixupdiff.pl index 1c6b8e2..50ed833 100644 --- a/fixupdiff.pl +++ b/fixupdiff.pl @@ -1,5 +1,9 @@ use strict; +#This script was useful with latexdiff we previously used: +#commit f0914be03e6548bbe1ed0b453c45b6f2498e46e5 https://github.com/ftilmann/latexdiff.git +#(which is 1.1.0 + a ton of changes). +#This script is no longer in use, will remove down the road my @protected_labels = ( 'devicenormative:Basic Facilities of a Virtio Device / Virtqueues / Virtqueue Interrupt Suppression', 'devicenormative:Basic Facilities of a Virtio Device / Virtqueues / Virtqueue Notification Suppression', diff --git a/latexdiff b/latexdiff new file mode 160000 index 0000000..4f17f7b --- /dev/null +++ b/latexdiff @@ -0,0 +1 @@ +Subproject commit 4f17f7b188fdbd8f6477aaea4118d0416babf370 diff --git a/makediff.sh b/makediff.sh index ef538c5..190a0ec 100755 --- a/makediff.sh +++ b/makediff.sh @@ -51,10 +51,12 @@ sed 's/\footnote{/\footnote {/' new/flat.tex > new/flat-fixed.tex #cp new/flat.tex new/flat-fixed.tex #wget http://mirror.math.ku.edu/tex-archive/support/latexdiff/latexdiff-fast #chmod +x latexdiff-fast -latexdiff-fast --config -"FLOATENV=(?:figure longtable table tabular plate lstlisting note enumerate itemize)[wd*@]*,PICTUREENV=(?:picture DIFdeltextcstwo DIFnomarkup lstlisting)[wd*@]*" +git submodule update latexdiff +ln -fs ./latexdiff/latexdiff ./latexdiff-fast +./latexdiff-fast --append-safecmd=field --append-textcmd=mmioreg +--append-textcmd=mmiodreg --exclude-textcmd=chapter --ignore-warnings -p diffpreamble.tex old/flat-fixed.tex -new/flat-fixed.tex > virtio-diff-tofix.tex -perl fixupdiff.pl virtio-diff-tofix.tex > virtio-diff.tex +new/flat-fixed.tex > virtio-diff.tex +#perl fixupdiff.pl virtio-diff-tofix.tex > virtio-diff.tex -- MST