OASIS Virtual I/O Device (VIRTIO) TC

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  • 1.  virtio 1.3: update

    Posted 12-11-2023 16:51
    You may have been wondering what the current state of virtio 1.3 is; the tl;dr is: we have to deal with some unfortunate delays, but it is really nearing release now. The current state ----------------- virtio-1.3-csd01 (committee specification draft) has been out for public review, and that 30 day period has just finished, with no additional comments being received. This means we're ready to start the process to get the committee specification draft released as an actual committee specification. The current issue ----------------- Moving from CSD to CS requires that the TC votes on it. Unfortunately, this will not be possible to fit into the remaining time before the OASIS infrastructure downtime due to the upcoming migration. While we hope that the new infrastructure will be in place quickly, it is unlikely that we will be able to do a vote before many/most of the voting members will be away for end-of-year holidays. [We actually need *two* votes in the end, with each ballot open for seven days.] The current plan ---------------- We'll do any preparation work (which should be really minor) now, and start the voting process early in January. I'm reasonably confident that, once triggered, we should have finished the process in early February the latest. Apologies again for the numerous delays the spec encountered along the way, it's been pretty frustrating.