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Comment resolution log - review

  • 1.  Comment resolution log - review

    Posted 04-16-2021 19:57
    All, Rich Piazza and I have taken a first pass at triaging all of the issues and comments that we have received so far during public review.   ACTION ITEM:  Please review the following spreadsheet.  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15XvJ4-fiWF6b7TFqWRLdKkyGZYPeEeiqM6-0J6tKjUI/edit?usp=sharing Specifically: 1) Make sure you agree with our suggestions on the issues we have accepted (the ones we have deemed editorial or non-material clarifications) 2) Do you agree with the severity we have assigned to each issue non-material , potentially material , material . 3) On the issues that are marked as need to discuss please review in detail and come prepared to talk about. For the call, the first question we will ask is: Are there any objections to accepting all of the issues in the spreadsheet that are currently marked as Change accepted and made and colored GREEN. Then we will go through all of the issues that are flagged as Need to discuss . Thanks Bret