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Re: [cti] CTI interest in NIEM?

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    Posted 08-22-2023 16:19
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    To Jason comment if the goal would be to adopt NIEM inside STIX itself I don t think anyone is proposing that (caveat below). NIEM is the standard the
    USG, it s allies, state/local/tribal/territorial govs use for interacting within themselves, between each other, and with industry. Objective is to get NIEM to take advantage of STIX.

    NIEM is actually enshrined in a couple of US laws for US federal agencies to use it. It s been going on for 20 years as a USG effort and recently (~1 year ago) moved into open standards development.
    In many domains, it s active and in use. Cyber, for whatever reasons, doesn t have many people working on it. Since it has been around awhile, it is technologically dated IMHO. For example, it is XML based, and is in process of allowing JSON but still with
    XML as base (ie you specify in XML and convert to JSON-LD). It s not that people don t want to move forward but someone has to do the work.
    My only caveat on Jason s comment would be if NIEM were to choose to use terms/semantics etc that were not the same as STIX, then it could cause interworking issues particularly IMHO wrt legal/court/law-enforcement.
    So my hope is we can keep them in sync but it takes effort and someone has to do it.
    Thank you to those offering to help out. I hope to see you at on future NIEM zooms.

    Duncan Sparrell
    sFractal Consulting
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    Jason Keirstead <jason.keirstead@cyware.com>
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    Subject: Re: [cti] CTI interest in NIEM?

    I think the question is going to be around the goal of the effort. If the effort surrounds a mapping or ontological exercise to/from NIEM, I am sure no one in the TC would be against that work
    product, it could be a great resource if someone wanted to take on that work, they can fill their boots. However, if the goal would be to adopt NIEM inside STIX itself, I think that would be a very, very long hill to climb and you will encounter a lot of resistance
    it would be a lot of work and more importantly a huge industry disruption for questionable benefit to the end consumer.



    Jason Keirstead 
    Vice President of Collective Threat Defense


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    Date: Tuesday, August 22, 2023 at 2:56 AM
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    Subject: RE: [cti] CTI interest in NIEM?



    +1 for outreach and assistance from my side. 


    Most of the time, lack of awareness is the main issue. What can I do with your technology, and how it supports mine (use case driven)? Have we ever had the works presented to the TCs of interest?
    Possibly many members do not even know the existence of NIEM (and other relevant works).


    Intersecting the two works is not something challenging. Yes, some objects are repetitive, but I don't see a significant issue. It's all about being willing to approve this recommendation and
    add it as best practice on the documentation/website for support.


    The fairest point came from Keven. If ontologies were introduced, technologically speaking, integration would be almost seamless, with the need to add only some extra semantics for equivalences
    and reasoning. That's for powerful analytics/context; otherwise, traditional programmatic approaches can still work.



    Vasileios Mavroeidis


    On Aug 21, 2023 23:25, "MATES, JEFFREY F CIV USAF AFOSI AFOSI/DC3/XT" <jeffrey.mates@us.af.mil> wrote:

    I m very interested in providing outreach and assistance.  Reading through their Cyber Domain I think we could do a look of good helping to normalize this across both standards, and it also might help flesh out some parts of the Incident
    that we missed.

    Ultimately the final format doesn t matter, what matters is that the moving between these should be seamless and the lessons learned in a community can help others when confronted with similar problems.

    Jeffrey Mates, Civ DC3/TSD
    Computer Scientist
    Technical Solutions Development


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    Firstly, I am hopeful that Duncan and others can help discover and continue to evangelize opportunities for CTI and NIEM to collaborate.


    That said, I join Duncan in my concerns that others in the CTI community have not yet embraced NIEM as a model for exchanging information between and among domains. As a long,-term proponent of NIEM
    and related standards for cross-domsin information sharing, we welcome feedback as to whether this gap is due to unfamiliarity with the NIEM or whether it is to due to specific design choices we in the NIEM technical or business committees have made.


    Regardless of whether the CTI community embraces NIEM as a standard for sharing information across domains, we request the CTI stakeholders provide feedback to NIEM regarding any gaps in our current


    Thank you,



    Jim Cabral



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    Subject: [cti] CTI interest in NIEM?


    Is there interest in getting NIEM to adopt STIX terminology at a minimum and maybe STIX in toto ?
    NIEM is an OASIS Open Project ( http://niem.github.io/ ) to standardize work the US Government has been doing for several decades ( https://www.niem.gov/ ) for standardizing
    information exchange within and between federal agencies, State/Local/Tribal/Territorial governments, as well as with private industry. NIEM is quite prevalent in the courts, law enforcement, and legal profession, as well as in select industries (ag agriculture,
    emergency management, transportation, miliary, ) where the USG had needs for standardizing information exchange. For example, when you get pulled over for a speeding ticket, it's NIEM standards that allow the local police to check what other tickets you got,
    whether your car was stolen, whether you are wanted for other crimes etc. And it s unfortunately also how the insurance company knows you got a ticket so they can hike your rates