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A message from Board Candidate Frederick Hirsch

  • 1.  A message from Board Candidate Frederick Hirsch

    Posted 10-27-2003 19:00
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    Subject: A message from Board Candidate Frederick Hirsch

    Voting Reps,


    A message from Board Candidate Frederick Hirsch





    Dear OASIS Board of Directors Voters,


    Please remember to vote in the Oasis board of director's election, which concludes today at 23:30, EST. Voting representatives have received, by email, a link to the ballot.  The ballot is also accessible from your "My Groups" page https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/portal/my_workgroups.php  and it can be found on the Voting Group page: http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/voting/


    Of course I suggest you vote for me, Frederick Hirsch, and consider the following points:


    1. I believe it is important for the future of service oriented architectures, web services and Oasis that we move standards forward in a way that is open to participation. This should lead to better results, can reduce the overall time to create market opportunities and preserve Oasis credibility. Specifically, I do not believe standards should be rubber-stamped and wish to ensure this is the case. As you are aware, there is an entire roadmap of excellent web services related work that will need standardization - I would like to see this move forward in a positive, timely and open manner, yet allow incorporation of other valuable work.


    2. IPR should be RF when possible, yet the efforts of producers should be considered, so RAND is sometimes appropriate. In addition, more than these labels should be considered - license terms are also important. I believe Oasis should make the terms very clear by making public such information in an accessible way.


    3. The number of industry and Oasis initiatives can be confusing, some horizontal in nature, some vertical. We can work toward clarifying this to enable participants and others to better understand the value of the Oasis work.


    4. I work at Nokia and can bring mobile perspectives to Oasis.


    I want to keep this short, so you can read my full statement and answers to questions at



    Thank you, please vote for me, keeping these points in mind.


    regards, Frederick


    Frederick Hirsch

    Nokia Mobile Phones





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