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  • 1.  DITA TC Meeting Minutes 25 June 2024

    Posted 20 days ago
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    1. Nancy will investigate what links currently exist between the new OASIS site and our Github repo, and put one in
    2. Kris will talk to OASIS about making links in the agenda to email ('discussion') items, e.g., to Bob's response to the minutes.

    Minutes of the OASIS DITA TC
    Tuesday, 25 June 2024
    Recorded by Hancy Harrison
    link to agenda for this meeting:    

    Robert Anderson, Stan Doherty, Kris Eberlein, Nancy Harrison, Scott Hudson, Bob Johnson, Eliot Kimber, Zoe Lawson, Christina Rothwell, Dawn Stevens, Leo Belchikov  


    Regrets: Eric Sirois, Leroy Steinbacher

        Approve minutes from previous business meeting
            18 June 2024 (Harrison, 25 June 2024)
    Kris moved, 2nd Scott, approved by TC

    2. Announcements *
    - Leo; joining TC; DCL program mgr, working with DITA from around 2010; this is my first involvement with TC, happy to join.
    - Kris; looking for recommendations for DITA groups with high levels of DITA-OT experience;  going between DITA and various XML schemas for high levels of semantic output. Pls contact me with recommendations (or cautions).  Some of the best folks are one-person shops.

    3. Transition to new OASIS infrastructure: How is it going?
            Any issues?
    - Eliot; I had lost my wiki link, and couldn't find one from the new OASIS home page.
    - Kris; we should make a link to that from the new infrastructure page
    ***ActionItem;Nancy investigate what links currently exist between the new site and our repo, and put one in
    - Kris; I have a problem; I can't make a link in the agenda to Bob's response to the minutes.
    ***ActionItem: Kris will talk to OASIS about this, Nancy and Kris will confer offline.

    4. Review Clifton Chenier: Indexes and indexing elements
            Opening of review  https://groups.oasis-open.org/discussion/base-spec-review-clifton-chenier-indexes-and-index-elements
    - Robert; we opened this without Kris and I doing a pre-edit; have a question wondering if some of our guidance about indexing should be just stripped out entirely from the spec. In the past, we've gone overboard making this a spec about how docs are structured and how tools should work with them, which isn't necessary, the content is more best practices rather than spec.  So reading some of the rules we have for indexing seem unreasonable; should we take them out and leave implementations free to operate as they want?  E.g., rules about how to render a see-also, or how to render terms.  that's my big comment, asking for folks to react to that.
    - Kris; we want to remind you of context; much of indexing hasn't been modified since 1.1, when we added ranges and @start/@end. The content was all from IBM, so we haven't pruned out stuff that differs from spec as a legal document.
    - Robert; when it was written, the PDF plugin was maintained by DITA-OT team at Idiom, and we wrote the spec to guide development of DITA-OT.  
    - Kris; many draft-comments are from our review 5 years ago; a primary area of disagreement is around index ranges; pls look at that, we need to settle that issue, come to consensus, on how index ranges should work. Robert, was index-ranges something we talked thru pretty thoroughly during 1.1?  Or did we just guide it?
    - Robert; actually, it was driven by Idiom's implementation, by what was available at the time. It was discussed very thoroughly. The spec has to say what a range means, we probably need to keep the rules as they are, but this is our chance to change what needs changing. How an index is done is really implementation-specific.
    - Kris; I totally agree.  Besides ranges, other issue is indexing and error conditions; are we giving advice about markup patterns and how tools should respond to them?  We might want to pull statements about what processors should do, and mentionlimitations to markup design that might lead to issues, and not mandate exactly what processors should do...
    - Robert; when we open arch spec on indexing, we might want to state that all the stuff about indexing only applies to implementations that actually do indexing, and we might iterate that some conditions might occur because DITA allows it, and we could mention them without forcing implementations to do specific things. We're trying to make processors correct bad usage, and that's not the point of a spec.
    - Kris; any thoughts or comments?
    - Bob; we've talked about print delivery and HTML. but there are others, like e-pub; we can't assume e-pub will replicate print; I've never seen it used to deliver technical content; If you have multiple topics that all go to the same index entry, how does that entry go to multiple topics
    - Eliot; you create a link for each occurence, and maybe number those.
    - Robert; for awhile HTML builds had index entries at the end
    wrt Bob's issue, we largely concentrate on PDF and HTML for online, we don't put stress on either e-pub - or previously, .chm - files, so that's another reason we should stay away from these requirements.
    - Christine; wrt outputs, there are many, e.g.,webhelp or markdown. As things evolve, different outputs evolve; it's better to keep outputs open, since they evolve.
    - Kris; right, one topic had a ref to 'page number'; I changed it to 'location'
    - Christina; good point, we run into that a lot; page numbers were removed, and PDF folks were pissed.
    - Kris; and hard copy print.
    - Kris; Everyone, pls look at the latest review and make comments

    5. Action items
            See Current action items
    [updates only; see link for complete list]
        11 June 2024
            Robert: Remove unknown and state element from grammar files and spec
    - Robert; done
        14 May 2024
            Eliot: Review draft DITA 2.0 spec content about branch filtering and DITAVALREF domain
    - Eliot; that's done.
    - Kris; Robert and I wil look at your comments.
        18 July 2023
            Scott and Eliot: Start to update L&T files to work with 2.0 base. In progress
    - Eliot; that's also done.

    - Kris; Robert, let's try to get rid of some of those others

    11:40 am ET close

    Nancy Harrison
    Principal, Infobridge Solutions
    Nancy Harrison (Personal)
    Portland OR


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    I am out for medical reasons. Please accept my regrets

    Scott Hudson
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    Content Operations and Experiences

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    Posted 19 days ago

    Please note that I also attended last week's meeting, although I came in late and indicated my presence just in the chat.



    Frank Wegmann
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