Virtio TC Meeting

When:  Aug 13, 2013 from 16:00 to 17:00 (UTC)

Please be 3 minutes early for pre-chat.  We will start ON TIME!

IBM sponsored conference call:

Callin numbers (more available on request):

USA/Canada: 1-719-325-2507
Sydney: +61 (0) 2 8524 4805
Israel (toll free): 1809 213 262
India (toll free):  000 800 100 8486
UK, London:   +44 (0) 20 3481 0142
UK (toll free):     0800 368 0956

PASSCODE: 804 295 2715


1. Opening.

2. Roll call.

3. Proposal for rotating minuting of meeting.

4. Use of JIRA.

5. Use of subversion repository.

6. Outstanding JIRA issues.

7. Meeting time change proposal
        o Suggested -3 hours.

8. Any other business

9. Confirmation of Meeting Schedule

10. Adjourn


1. Opening.
    Opened 4:02pm UTC.

2. Roll call.
    Stefan Hajnoczi - RedHat
    Amit Shah - RedHat
    Anthony Ligouri - IBM
    Bryan Venteicher - NetApp
    Sasha Levin - Oracle
    Rusty Russell - IBM
    Michael Tsirkin - RedHat
    Pawel Moll - ARM Limited
    Daniel Kiper - Oracle

3. Proposal for rotating minuting of meeting.
    MOVED: Rusty  Seconded: Anthony.  All in favour.
    (Pawel was late: we start rotation at 'M' next meeting :)

4. Use of JIRA.
    ACTION: Rusty: Put outstanding bugs from mailing list in JIRA.

5. Use of subversion repository.
    ACTION: Rusty: Chase up
    ACTION: Rusty: if delayed, set up temporary git repo.

    Standing rule.  Minor cleanups, spelling and typo fixes
    direct into SVN for approval at next meeting.
    MOVED: Rusty.  Seconded: Pawel.  All in favour.

6. Outstanding JIRA issues.
    ACTION: Pawel: Fix LE endian (VIRTIO 6)
    ACTION: Pawel: Reserve device ID 0 (zero) as invalid

7. Meeting time change proposal
    Meeting time from next week -3 hours. 1300 UTC.
    MOVED: Rusty. Second: Michael Tsirkin.     All in favour.

8. Any other business
    PCI ID allocation - Anthony.
    Microsoft Windows signed drivers required to be from correct
    vendor, so only RH can currently get virtio drivers certified.

    ACTION: Rusty: Can we acquire a vendor neutral ID via OASIS?

    We should use subsystem ID for differentiation; spec is silent on
    Action: Anthony: Create issues in tracker for subsystem and PCI ID.

    Endian - Rusty.
    Little endian preferred for PCI and mmio; would prefer universal but
    virtio-ccw needs benchmarking.  Must be backwards compatible.

9. Confirmation of Meeting Schedule
    In 2 weeks, minus 3 hours. (1300 UTC).
    ACTION: Rusty to update calendar.

10. Adjourn
    16:39 finish.

Meeting Statistics
Quorum rule 51% of voting members
Achieved quorum no
Individual Attendance Contributing Members: 1 of 15 (6%)
Voting Members: 0 of 1 (0%) (used for quorum calculation)
Company Attendance Contributing Companies: 1 of 9 (11%)
Voting Companies: 0 of 1 (0%)