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Markdown stats from DITA OT Day

  • 1.  Markdown stats from DITA OT Day

    Posted 01-11-2020 01:08
    I was watching Roger Sheen's presentation from DITA OT Day 2019 in Brussels. Roger maintains the OT docs and website and he gave stats on the top 10 pages visited on the site. The second highest number of visits, after the downloads page, was to the Markdown syntax page: /download - 1561 visits /dev/topics/markdown-dita-syntax-reference.html - 1307 visits next highest page - 952 visits etc... This is for one month. The URL to the doc page visited is this: It's not one of the Lightweight DITA pages, but I found this very interesting. Also, Roger gave stats on terms searched for, and Markdown was very high again: ditaval 66 Markdown 38 plugin 24 etc... Link to Roger Sheen's presentation as he starts on the website stats: Mark Giffin