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  • Let's see what happens when we add an announcement

    Since Thrive gives us this option, what happens if we use it to announce, say, a TC's public review? 

  • Participate in OpenEoX

    Participation is open to all interested parties. Contact for more information.

  • OpenEoX wins 2023 Open Cup for Outstanding New Initiative.

  • Common Transactive Services update soon

    The TC has been working with the FIX Trading Community on improved alignment of CTS with global financial market terminology and interfaces.

    Watch for a public review soon; working drafts are posted in the TC Workspace which is supposed to be public.

    If you cannot access current working drafts please email with your request.


    bill cox

    March 25, 2024

  • Update your links!

    TC workspace has migrated to this new platform! Update your links to your favorite TC pages and resouces.  Also check your email addresses and mail handling rules!