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Cti-stix-slider 4.0.0 is released

  • 1.  Cti-stix-slider 4.0.0 is released

    Posted 08-23-2021 21:48

    Hi everyone-
    We just published cti-stix- slider
    version 4.0. 0  on PyPi [1]. The source code is available at [2]. read-the-docs documentation is available at [3].
    The slider is compliant with the STIX 2.1 OASIS Specification (CS03)

    Python 3.5 is no longer supported.
    All compatibility code to support Python 2.7 has been removed (e.g., the six package)

    Other Changes:
    - Handle new extensions for new-sco object types only
    - Handle new extensions properties for SCOs only
    - Convert type mismatched properties
    - Improved warning messages for properties that cannot be converted
    - Handle different user account types correctly
    - Include Observables for referenced SCOs when they are not fully represented where they are referenced
        - Example: In STIX 1x Process object, only the account_id is represented, so other 2.x user-account properties would not be available.
    - Use LMCO kill chain as described in https://stix.mitre.org/language/version1.2/stix_v1.2_lmco_killchain.xml
    Please enter an issue on GitHub for bugs and feature requests.


    Contributions welcome.


    Rich Piazza




    [1]  https://pypi.org/project/stix2-slider

    [2]  https://github.com/oasis-open/cti-stix-slider

    [3]   https://cti-stix-slider.readthedocs.io/en/latest/