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  • 1.  Plugfest Interest

    Posted 10-22-2021 21:21
    Hi TC,   As mentioned during the TC monthly calls yesterday, the ballot for the STIX 2.1 Interop document is closing ( click here to vote – shameless plug ). Speaking about plugs, we also polled the TC for interest in participating in a Plugfest. Please read the information below to get a general understanding about plugfests and reply back to this thread if you’re interested in participating!   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plugtest What’s a PlugFest: A plugfest is an event for participants to test interoperability of products or tools. It could be literally plugging company A's cable into company B's socket, or a more elaborate test resembling a scenario set. The technical goal is twofold : 1.        Check compliance to the standard 2.        Test the effectiveness of the standard Benefits: Besides helping vendors improve their interoperability, plugfests help create awareness about the standard and can improve transparency on compliance.   Thanks,   -Marlon