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Chair: Andrea Caccia

OASIS Staff Contact: Kelly Cullinane


The charter for the OASIS Code List Representation TC is posted to http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/ codelist/charter.php. The TC approved a revised charter on 21 February 2021. The previous charter can be found in the original Call for Participation dated 27 July 2006.
Statements regarding IPR related to the work of this TC will be posted to http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/codelist/ipr.php.


Defining an XML format for interchange, documentation and management of code lists (a.k.a. controlled vocabularies or coded value enumerations) in any processing context

Group Notes

Table of Contents


OASIS Sponsor member, The Publications Office of the European Union, announced that the genericode files used in the European Public Procurement Notices on the TED website are freely available for reuse. Learn more in this video from the Director General of the Publications Office.

The press release announcing the approval of Code List Representation (genericode) v1.0 as an OASIS Standard is available now. You can read it here.

The Code List Representation TC voted to approve rechartering on 21 February 2021. The call for participation under the new charter was sent on 23 February 2021 in https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/members/202102/msg00009.html. The inaugural meeting under the revised charter is scheduled for 05 March 2021.

Current project status:

Genericode: finalized version 1.0 Committee Specification published (Announcement; links copied below)

The Codelist TC approved Code List Representation (genericode) Version 1.0 Committee Specification 02. For details, see the announcement.

Context/value association: finalized version 1.0 Committee Specification CS01 (links below)


For more information, see the TC Charter and FAQ

Technical Work Produced by the Committee

Code List Representation (genericode) Version 1.0. Edited by G. Ken Holman. 31 January 2023. OASIS Standard. https://docs.oasis-open.org/codelist/genericode/v1.0/os/genericode-v1.0-os.html. Latest stage: https://docs.oasis-open.org/codelist/genericode/v1.0/genericode-v1.0.html.

Specification: PDF



Requirements (2 May 2007)





Committee Specification Context/Value Association 1.0 15 April 2010:

Specification: HTML, PDF-A4, PDF-US


Context/value association



Wiki for OASIS Code List Representation TC member collaboration

  • deployments of genericode and CVA

  • publicly-available genericode and CVA files

  • published processes incorporating genericode and/or CVA

TC Tools

TC Mailing Lists and Official Comments

OASIS and the Code List Representation TC welcome your comments at any time, not just during public review cycles!

Comments may be submitted to the TC by any person through the use of the OASIS TC Comment Facility which can be located via the button marked "Send A Comment" at the top of this page, or directly here.

All comments submitted to OASIS are subject to the OASIS Feedback License, which ensures that the feedback you provide carries the same obligations at least as the obligations of the TC members.

Community Mail List

Both members and non-members of the Code List Representation TC are welcome to participate in the unmoderated Code List Representation Developer Mail List by subscribing at the OASIS mail list manager.

A community of volunteers both on and off the committee contribute to the open discussions on this developer list. Please join these discussions and contribute your questions and answers.

However, official comments still must be submitted to the TC by any person through the use of the OASIS TC Comment Facility indicated above and not through this developer list.

Public Resources


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