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The charter of this TC may be found at http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/ioc/charter.php. Statements regarding IPR related to the work of this TC may be found at http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/ioc/ipr.php



The purpose of this TC was to provide a forum where interested parties can discuss issues that are pertinent to the interoperability and conformance of structured information standards.

Group Notes

Summary: Conformance Requirements for Specifications

The objective of this document is to provide guidance on how to specify conformance and communicate requirements for claiming conformance in specifications. A primary goal is to improve the quality of specifications and resulting implementations. Good specifications lead to better implementations and foster the development of conformance test suites and tools. The document identifies the conformance requirements that shall be included or addressed in specifications. Conformance requirements are the expression that conveys the criteria to be fulfilled in an implementation of a specification [ISO Guide 2]. The conformance requirements are stated in a conformance clause or statements within the specification. This document describes the purpose and scope of a conformance clause, associated issues that a conformance clause shall address as well as issues that a conformance clause may address. Wherever possible, sample text and examples will be given.

The information contained is produced as the result of extensive experience in the development and implementation of conformance clauses and test suites for consensus standards and specifications. It is based on the principles and requirements prescribed by international standards (e.g., ISO/IEC and IEEE) as well as extractions from ebXML, OASIS and W3C specifications.

General Conformance

  • Conformance Testing - discussions defining conformance and conformance testing as well as describing the components of a conformance testing program.

  • Glossary of Conformance Terminology

  • What is this thing Called Conformance? (html file) An overview of conformance including a discussion of terminology, methodology, and benefits. Additionally, various test suites for XML technologies are presented. [Rosenthal, Brady; NIST/ITL Bulletin, January 2001]

  • Conformance (ppt file) Presentation given at the ebXML Tokyo meeting, November 2000. An overview of conformance is given, including the topics and issues that need to be addressed when including a conformance clause in a specification. [Skall, Rosenthal, November 2000]

Validation and Certification

Many of the documents and presentations in the General Conformance area, include a discussion of validation and certification programs.

Test Methodologies

  • Interactive Conformance Testing for VRML (html file) Although this paper describs the test development strategy and design issues in developing the NIST Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) conformance test suite, the strategy and issues have been applied to conformance testing for XML Technologies.  [Brady, Rosenthal]

  • SVG Conformance Manual (html file) Reference document and user manual for the SVG Conformance Test Suite.  It also serves as a repository for currently agreed methods, templates, procedures, and techniques for SVG testing.

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