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DITA TC Meeting Minutes 2 April 2024

  • 1.  DITA TC Meeting Minutes 2 April 2024

    Posted 04-08-2024 13:47
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    Action Items - none

    Minutes of the OASIS DITA TC
    Tuesday, 2 April 2024
    Recorded by Hancy Harrison
    link to agenda for this meeting:    

    Robert Anderson, Stan Doherty, Kris Eberlein, Nancy Harrison, Scott Hudson, Bob Johnson, Eliot Kimber, Christina Rothwell, Leroy Steinbacher, Dawn Stevens

    Regrets: Zoe Lawson, Frank Wegmann

    1. Approve minutes from previous business meeting
            26 March 2024 https://groups.oasis-open.org/discussion/dita-tc-meeting-minutes-26-march-2024  (Harrison, 02 April 2024)
    Kris moved, 2nd Scott, approved by TC

    2. Announcements
    **TC meeting for next week is cancelled due to ConVex and eclipse.
            ConVex (https://convex.infomanagementcenter.com/) is scheduled for 8-10 April 2024 in Minneapolis. The call for speakers is closed.
            Adobe DITA world (https://2024-adobe-dita-world.meetus.adobeevents.com/) is scheduled for June 11-13 2024. If you are interested in speaking, send an e-mail to techcomm@adobe.com.
    - Leroy; want to report on AEM (Adobe Experience Makers) conference of AEM users (for creating user guides) last week. Besides info about AEM, there was a large component on using DITA with AEM.

    3. Transition to new OASIS infrastructure: How is it going?
            Meeting invitations and the calendar
            Each TC member
                Add info to your profile, especially a photo or avatar
                Check settings, especially those that relate to privacy
    - Kris; still working with OASIS to have just one meeting invite and how to do that automatically; you may see new invites, or  cancellation of a bunch of meetings. Frank stlll can't get into the system, will have to wait till he's back to check on that. 
    - Eliot; the site doesn't seem to remember me; have to log in every time.
    - Kris; same for me, also, as soon as you navigate away from where you are, it puts you back on 'communities' page.
    - Eliot; same for me

    4. Gloss group: Are we removing this from DITA 2.0? *
    [continuing discussion]
    - Kris; after roundtable check last week, we're split between ambivalent and remove. Reasons to remove; it's an anti-pattern, can't come up with good example. Reasons to be ambivalent or keep it; it's already there, easy to avoid, some people are using it.
    - Bob; what about reaching out to dita-users list to see who's using it?
    [several folks noted that they'd gone from 'remove' to 'ambivalent,' or from 'ambivalent' to 'keep']
    - Kris; before we ask dita-users, shall we vote again?
    - Robert; and in any case, we should check with dita-users before removing it, if that's what most of us want to do. 
    - Kris; can folks who are ambivalent give their reasons?
    - Eliot; would argue for retaining it; 1) it has no complexity, and some utility, 2) it's already there, though removing it would also be able to be gotten around by users.
    - Robert; I've moved more to keep it rather than remove; it includes some utilities that can't be remplaced easily.
    - Scott; if someone doesn't want it they can easily constrain it,  so I've moved towards retaining it.
    - Robert; don't even need to constrain; just don't use it.
    - Leroy; I'd vote retain.
    - Christina; I also agree with retain; some teams are using it a lot, so leaving it in makes sense. Can we put in a note saying it doesn't work for translation?
    - Kris; what are things we have chosen to remove from 2.0? XSDs, L&T (not enough folks to do it), we also removed things from subjectscheme and gloss specializations to simplify markup patterns, (none of the folks using it will be affected).  In general, things were removed because either not enough folks/expertise on the TC to maintain them, or complicated patterns hard to understand/use.  But glossgroup doesn't fit either of those, so I'm also leaning toward keeping it.  The folks using it are probably not even creating their own doc shells.
    - Nancy; good analysis, I've gone from remove to ambivalent.
    - Christina; also add a note that this is not a best practice.
    - Kris; we don't use spec to declare best practices.
    - Robert; we've stayed away from that.  In the past, the DITA Adoption TC did that, but spec doesn't.  But we should have a note about how this is problematic for translation; that will point to a best practice. 
    - Kris; we'll have to be a little softer than that. We do have other opportunities to produce docs that give best practices;  we want to do that after 2.0 is out, with CNs. Those give us much more room to give non-legal info.
    - Christina; well, the way we word this in the spec can still help.
    [TC did another informal vote, with a majority wanting to keep it in 2.0, so it will be kept]

    - Kris; Dawn, the work on gloss will fall to you, any guesstimate on when work will come to TC for next review?
    - Dawn; certainly after ConVex, maybe 2 weeks?  by 23rd?
    - Kris; so we'll target 4/23 for our last review of gloss content.

    5. Navigation and functionality for new wiki (Wegmann and Rothwell)
    [on hold till Frank is back]

    11:44am ET close

    Nancy Harrison
    Principal, Infobridge Solutions
    Nancy Harrison (Personal)
    Portland OR


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