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DITA TC Meeting Minutes 9 July 2024

  • 1.  DITA TC Meeting Minutes 9 July 2024

    Posted 3 days ago

    Action Items:   
    1. Kris to reach out to Eliot about posting proposed index definition by Friday so it can be added to the draft specification. 

    Minutes of the OASIS DITA TC
    Tuesday, 9 July 2024
    Recorded by Christina Rothwell
    link to agenda for this meeting:    

    Bob Johnson, Christina Rothwell, Dawn Stevens, Frank Webmann, Kris Eberlein, Leo Belchikov, Robert Anderson, Scott Hudson, Zoe Lawson 


    Regrets: Eliot Kimber, Stan Doherty

    1. Approve minutes from previous business meeting
           2 July 2 2024 (Harrison, 02 July 2024) https://groups.oasis-open.org/discussion/dita-tc-meeting-minutes-2-july-2024
    Kris moved, 2nd Bob Johnson, approved by TC

    2. Announcements
    - Dawn Stevens said they are looking for speakers for DITA Europe in February and ConVex in San Francisco in April. The call for speakers will be going out in the next couple of weeks. 

    3. Transition to new OASIS infrastructure: How is it going?
        [No issues mentioned]

    4. Review Clifton Chenier: Indexes and indexing elements
    - Robert Anderson provided an overview.
    - Most of what is in the 1.4 Index Redirection topic regarding error conditions will be gone. All we want to say in an index redirection topic is what is meant by a "see" and "see also." 
    - The index range topic is mostly left alone is because it talks about defining the range, which is what we have to do.
    - Will leave implied boundaries for another discussion. 
    - Index sorting had a lot of wording suggestions from the review. We will be doing some tweaking for word smithing.
    - The 1.7 Merging index elements topic will be going away. This information should be up to the indexing tools. 
    - The examples can be left alone with slightly tweaked wording saying the rendering is optional. 
    - We will want to do another review of indexing because of the scope of the changes.
    - The 1.5 Index ranges topic had a lot of suggestions regarding boundaries. 
       * Want to add that that the start and end must be in the same document. 
       * No range is allowed to span a topic body or across documents. You can't start in one document and end in another. It was not allowed before with these implicit boundaries.
       * Simplify the language for the end boundary to say you must have a start and end in a document that avoids implementation details for index ranges. A document is defined as a *.dita or *.ditamap file. 
    - Action item: Kris to reach out to Eliot about posting proposed index definition by Friday so it can be added to the draft specification. 

    Christina Rothwell
    Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)