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[SCIM] - Clarification and Feedback on the Draft SCIM Charter

  • 1.  [SCIM] - Clarification and Feedback on the Draft SCIM Charter

    Posted 04-01-2024 16:37
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    From: Kenneth Bengtsson <kbengtsson@efact.pe>
    Date: Mon, Apr 1, 2024 at 12:03 PM
    Subject: Clarification and Feedback on the Draft SCIM Charter
    To: OASIS-charter-discuss@ConnectedCommunity.org <OASIS-charter-discuss@connectedcommunity.org>
    Cc: Kelly Cullinane <kelly.cullinane@oasis-open.org>

    Dear OASIS TC Admin


    Following a constructive dialogue with Duncan regarding the proposed SCIM TC, I'd like to offer some feedback on its draft charter.


    We clarified that SCIM's intended focus is the "software supply chain", which addresses a distinct and underserved area within the broader context of supply chain standardization. This initiative is indeed welcome and fills an evident gap, benefiting the standardization community and the OASIS ecosystem at large.


    For the benefit of standardization efforts and the OASIS community, it is imperative that the charter and name of the SCIM TC accurately reflect its focus on the "software supply chain". Such clarity is essential not only to delineate SCIM's unique domain but also to prevent duplication of efforts with the UBL TC, which has extensively standardized the traditional supply chain.


    Without explicit specification in its foundational documents, the SCIM initiative risks being perceived as a duplication of UBL's longstanding efforts. Clearly defining SCIM's scope as the "software supply chain" will reinforce the complementary nature of our initiatives, fostering a cohesive and synergistic standardization landscape within OASIS.


    I appreciate your attention to this feedback and look forward to contributing to a clearly defined and successful SCIM initiative that enhances our collective standardization endeavors.


    Thank you for considering this perspective.


    Best regards,


    Kenneth Bengtsson