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Sort - additional language

  • 1.  Sort - additional language

    Posted 12 days ago

    I'm suggesting we replace:

    > First, the column or row of Data_source that is at the index specified
    > in the first value of Sort_index (name it "A" here) is sorted in the
    > order specified in the first value of Sort_order.
    > In case Sort_index has more than one value, next all columns or rows
    > with the same value in column or row "A" are sorted in the column or
    > row specified as the second value in Sort_index, in the order
    > specified in the second value of Sort_order, and so on. If Sort_order
    > has fewer values than Sort_index, the last value of Sort_order is used
    > repeatedly.


    Columns or rows of a Data_source are sorted as specified by their

    Where multiple identical values appear in the first sorted row or
    column, values aligned to those values create a subsort by its
    Sort_order. Otherwise, values in sorted columns are sorted by their

    If no Sort_order is specified, it defaults to 1. If a Sort_order is
    specified, then the last Sort_order specified is applied to all rows or
    columns that follow.

    Note: The behavior of the last Sort_order may change the default Sort_order.



    1) Is alignment of values limited to those in the first row/column?

    2) Is subsort the right name for sorting values adjacent to the same
    values in row/column one?

    3) Do we need to define aligned to?

    Comments and corrections appreciated!